Five 80s Action Movies That Changed Everything


Ask many who were born in or prior to the 80’s and they will bestow upon you stories of glory regarding popular culture. There were hair metal bands, punk movements, and 80’s dance electronic music pumping through giant boom box stereos. The films that came out during that era were no exception either. Many new special effects were being used for more intense movie scenes that led to some amazing films. Here are five 80’s action movies that changed everything.

1. Rambo

Sylvester Stallone stars as John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran struggling with PTSD who has since become a wanderer. While on a journey to seek out an old friend he finds himself accosted by a mean spirited sheriff who decides to take Rambo in. During his processing, the flashbacks and PTSD kick in causing a battle between Rambo and the entire police department. Only Rambo’s previous commander can find a way to calm the civil war brewing between the two. Filled with plenty of hard hitting sequences, this movie goes down as one of the best.

2. Die Hard

Bruce Willis stars as John McClane, an off duty police officer who is visiting his currently estranged wife for Christmas. During a Christmas eve holiday work party, McClane finds himself the only one not captured and held hostage by a group of terrorists who have overtaken the high rise building. With his wife and many innocents in danger, McClane realizes he is the only one who can take out the terrorists and rescue the hostages.

3. Predator

A new galactic hunter has arrived on Earth. One who has more advanced technology, weaponry, instincts, and strength than the current inhabitants- humans. The Predator stalks his prey in the Guatemalan jungles, one by one, until he comes up against a worthy opponent. Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger – Dutch, a hired mercenary, is the only one with the survival instincts and war strategy to take on the deadly alien hunter.

4. The Terminator

Once again Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a huge role in an action film as the cyborg sent back to assassinate Sarah Connor- the future mother of an unborn son who would become the commander for the rebel forces who resist the machines. Taking place in a dystopian future, this movie is full of intense scenes, futuristic special effects, and a great storyline.

5. RoboCop

Detroit has become a violent place in the future, and Omni Corp has plans to privatize and replace all the police force with obedient cyborgs. When police officer Alex Murphy is killed in a firefight with the local crime boss, the company uses his body to create the ultimate weapon- Robocop. But RoboCop is half cyborg and half human, and his humanity compels him to figure out the truth behind his death and the evil plans behind Omni Corporations police take over.

Watch any of these five movies for a wonderful viewing experience.