Top 4 Horror TV Series That Will Make You Cry


There are many brave souls out there who enjoy a good horror flick here and then. Unfortunately, many of these horror TV series are not scary enough for us to weep throughout the whole night. In this article, we examine four TV shows that have the potential to scare you like no other. Of course, if you are a horror veteran and have no issues watching Japanese horror films then you may consider devising your own list.

First, I have to admit. I am not that great with horror shows. The only way I am able to tackle my own fear is to anticipate what happens next. The first TV show on this list is Supernatural. The first season was pretty scary to watch, but obviously as the seasons went on, it got more comfortable. Horror fans will enjoy Supernatural because each episode has a different monster. Not only that, Supernatural also has a great story line between two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester who travel around the States to prevent hell from breaking loose.

The second TV series is American Horror Story. Created in 2011, this TV series is about the Harmon family, who move from Boston to LA after Vivien has a miscarriage. They move to a freaky mansion, not knowing that it has been haunted by former inhabitants of the building. You know a TV series has done well when it continues on to its second season so expect some more chilling stories from this great horror flick.

The third TV series is the Walking Dead. Who doesn’t enjoy a great zombie Armageddon? The zombies present in this show look freaky and they will scare the heck out of you. You are almost hoping the humans get caught so you get to see some more blood-thirsty actions. Now in it’s second season, there is a lot more drama to unfold as the surviving group reaches an abandoned prison.

The final TV series on this list is the X Files. Who doesn’t miss that eerily, haunting tune played before each episode? Yes, they primarily focus on monsters and conspiracy but this TV show can still give you that odd horror moment here and then. I really like the slogan to this TV show, “the truth is out there”. For those who missed out on this classic, the show is basically about two agents, Mulder and Scully, who investigate unsolved cases involving paranormal activities.