CBS Sunday Morning – The Best Way to End Your Week


Once, at a party, someone mentioned the Sunday morning magazine show on CBS. We were surprised to find that most people there, not only watched, but tried to never miss the program. I’ve been watching since Charles Kuralt was the host. He was a hard act to follow, and will always be the best in my book. Now Charles Osgood hosts the show, ending with, “I’ll see you on the radio.”

Every show has something of interest to someone. Even if I don’t think I’m going to care about a part of the program, usually they present it in such a way that I do. My favorite articles are usually the ones about art, artist, or art museums. The tour of the National Art Gallery during the Turner exhibition was exciting. I didn’t make it to DC then, so it was the next best thing to being there. The correspondences travel to show you the world.

Music is always a part of the show, from classical to rock. The program seems to seek one aspect of a celebrity that is rarely known, but always interesting. Jazz is often showcased.

Nancy Giles and Ben Stein present editorials, usually from a very different perspective. Neither is afraid to tell you exactly what they think. Bill Geist does a humorous human-interest story that I try not to miss. The rare treats are Steve Hartman’s stories, adding a thoughtful and funny slant.

CBS Sunday Morning ends with a one-minute nature video. It is purely beautiful, including only the sounds of the moment. During that time I stop what I’m doing and just sit and enjoy. It is transporting!