Netflix Slow? Find Ways to Speed Up Netflix Streaming


Netflix is a popular on-demand multimedia streaming website. It offers comprehensive selection of television shows and films.

Some users are complaining that sometimes Netflix becomes choppy and it has trouble streaming the content. The buffering fits drop from HD to just 1 bar. Constant interrupting messages, such as “Loading… ” or “Retrieving… ” appear. There are so many other issues with its speed and performance that need to be addressed.

We have provided here a few tips to speed up Netflix streaming. We’ll help you find and kill the root causes that make constant buffering/streaming problems in Netflix. 

1. Upgrade your Internet Plan 
2. Control Bandwidth Usage 
3. Free-Up Temporary Directories 
4. Optimize your Internet Settings 
5. Update Microsoft Silverlight

Upgrade your Internet Plan

The speed at which Netflix streams and buffers movie greatly depends on your internet connection speed. It is important to upgrade internet plan to speed up Netflix streaming.

Control Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth Usage refers to the amount of data sent and received per unit of time. Increased bandwidth usage impedes the active buffering process. It gradually slows down and you experience Netflix slow speed.

Close any internet based applications opened. For example: cloud applications, online backup applications and software updater. This shall speed up Netflix streaming.

Free-Up the Temporary Directories

The temporary directories on your hard disk include all those folders which store buffering and streaming data, and the stuff downloaded from the internet.

The process of buffering is basically done with co-ordination of Netflix servers and your computer. The data is temporarily stored in specific locations on your hard disk. These locations are often called temporary directories.

1. Click Wrench icon in Google Chrome. 
2. Select Tools, and then Clear Browsing Data. 
3. Check-up all the boxes and click Clear Browsing Data button to delete temporary files.

Optimize your Internet Settings

As default your internet has dozens of features enabled which not only increases the bandwidth usage but also slows down Netflix streaming. To speed up Netflix streaming start optimizing your internet settings now:

1. Download, install and run a good Internet Optimization utility. 
2. Select your current internet speed, for example, slow, average or fast. 
3. Click Analyze. 
4. In the confirmation box click Optimize Internet button.

Update Microsoft Silverlight

Sometime the delays experienced by users are because of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in itself.

For improving the quality and your multimedia viewing experience update Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. It shall speed up Netflix streaming.