Frighteningly Funny – Horror and Comedy Movies


There are many horror fanatics that just love scary and frightening movies but there are also plenty of movie lovers that enjoy good laughs and funny humour. That’s when horror films and comedy movies collide with each other to create frighteningly funny movies. There are a lot of funny or comedy horror movies around whether they are spoofs or just witty characters that were created in the film.

The horror and comedy spoofs everyone knows are the Scary Movie series. They turn the horror movies from Saw, haunted houses, Exorcist, The Ring, Scream, and clips from many other horror films and turn them into a comedy spoof. Other spoofs or horror comedies that are popular include Young Frankenstein which starred Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle which was about a spoof on Frankenstein. It truly was the Scariest comedy of all time!

Now there are plenty of horror films that are still funny and do not have to be turned into a spoof just to get laughs. They are the horror movies with witty remarks and clever humour. This is evident in the Leprechaun and the Childs Play series. Both the Leprechaun and Chucky have witty humour and clever remarks. It’s even evident with Chucky and his bride, Jennifer as they both argue with each other in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Freddy Krueger is another character that is highly popular, and even Freddy makes his clever comments now and then.

Other popular thrillers that have laughs are popular titles such as Shaun of the Dead which is still filled with horror and gore and still is able to get some good laughs as Shaun and his friends are up against the zombies. Army of Darkness is another great older horror film filled with great horror and clever humour as Ash gets the crew ready to fight against the evil dead. There are plenty of other horror films that involve humour if spoofs are not your type, don’t forget Creepshow and An American Werewolf in London also fall into this category.