Power of Netflix


Netflix as a company has quickly become a major figure in the business world. Offering the availability of movies from your home, renting them and having them sent to your house, Netflix model has grown over the years to include nearly every movie, television show, and even some instant streaming options. As a result of their selection, Netflix has expanded its customer base into the tens of millions, giving the company an outstanding ability to generate large sources of revenue.

One of the company’s most persuasive arguments, and where they will continue to expand their user base, is by converting television users. For ten dollars a month, Netflix enables users to watch many television series and any movie of their choosing, many of which are available on demand. In a market where most people complain about the current shows on television, and where television costs fifty dollars or more a month, it’s easy to see where Netflix could grow its market from disillusioned television watchers.

The market is ripe for the picking, from television users to movie goers. As movies begin releasing on DVD mere months after being released in theater, it can be useful for Netflix users to simply wait the movies out and catch them upon their release to DVD. The only remaining question for Netflix is where to go next. The company will quickly take over the entire market for dvd rentals, but how can they expand their market grip beyond the rentals and into other profitable industries?