The Many Faces of Horror Movies


For those who love to be thrilled and be scared, horror movies are something they cannot miss. Dealing with the psychological fear of humans, these movies are made to send the chills up anyone’s bones. There are, nevertheless, three types of horror depicted in movies, and they are the supernatural, the scientific, and the naturalistic.

The supernatural type of horror revolves around supernatural beings such as ghosts, zombies, and vampires. These are the monsters that are beyond what is perceived as natural. Our fear for them stems from legends, cultural beliefs and literature of how they terrorize the lives of human beings, which is rather unexplainable when you refer to the natural law. With the birth of cinematography, these legends are remade into modern day horror. There are also those that do not involve monsters, but of occult curses, voodoo, divination, and spells that occurs by interacting with spirits or the dead.

The second one would be science fiction horror. This type of horror usually involves a mad scientist with an evil plot, creation of monsters, science experiment gone awry, futuristic technologies, or the presence or abductions of extra-terrestrials. The ideas of this type of horror come from speculations, and phenomena that are unconventional to mainstream science. At times, the ideas can be plausible, while there are times when the horror is illogical but seductive. A lot of photography effects are used to generate the horror that seems so real.

The third type would be naturalistic horror. These tend to be real-life nightmares of beasts that we may or may not be afraid of in usual circumstances, for example snakes, wolves, or even humans. In naturalistic horror, it is either the knowledge of the food chain or the psychological vulnerability that evokes our fear for the beast. In the case of the food chain, a beast, whether animal or human, becomes vicious, where they hunt, attack, and feast on the meat of mankind. The ones that deal with psychological vulnerability are usually stories of traumatic pasts, where the person or animal becomes psychotic or is simply back for revenge.