Television – Popular Home Entertainment


Television has become one of the common source of Home Entertainment. It offers many forms of amusement to the viewer. Comedy, Action, and Drama are some of the common popular amusements.

Comedy shows include situational short stories where it is created with different awkward situations. Verbal comedy where punch lines are delivered verbally for the audience humor. They are usually for all ages. Animated cartoon shows for children are popular where well known cartoons make children laugh merrily.

Action offer thrillers, suspense, crime, investigation and police shows. They enjoy good popularity. Scientific shows with action are known as science fiction.

Drama shows offer social stories. They include Soap Operas which finds acceptance among general people. Specialty dramas include Scientific or Medical shows which has a niche viewing.

Sports channels like Star Sports and caters to sport lovers. Regular news aired by popular news channels like BBC and CNN keeps you updated on the happenings around the world.

Game shows feature solving puzzles and answering riddles by the contestants to win prizes. A good amount of competition is there. Talk shows include interviews with celebrities and famous.

Reality shows have become very popular recently. American Idol is one of the most popular Reality show. New talents are found from them.

There are other amusements like music videos from MTV. Movie channels like HBO and Star movies broadcast movies.

It has occupied its place in almost every home becoming the common entertainment and news source. It has some drawbacks also. It does not offer much choice for the viewers except what is being broadcast.

Addiction has been found to reduce school performance among children and study results of teen-agers. Violence and sex displayed in shows and advertisements causes adverse effects on some.