Classic TV Shows For Your Family


Television is not what is used to be. Good clean laughter and pure entertainment has been replaced with violence, graphic humor and intense sexual innuendo. It can be hard to find a nice show that a family can just sit down and enjoy together. Fortunately, there are classic family shows that deliver entertainment, that is appropriate for all ages. It is nice to know that there are classic shows that will always be around to give people entertainment without being overtly grotesque. Those classic shows can be found on Tvland or they can be ordered on DVD.

One of the shows that will always remain popular is the situation comedy Sanford and Son, which debuted in the early 70’s. This is a show about a father and son duo who own a junk yard. The two main characters Fred and Lamont, always wind up in crazy situations along with their crazy friends and relatives Grady, Aunt Esther, Bubba and Uncle Woodrow. It is near impossible to be in a bad mood when watching this show. It is hilarious and people will not have to worry about covering the eyes and ears of younger viewers.

Another classic television show is Leave it to Beaver. This show debuted in the late 50’s and is still popular among both young and old viewers today. This is a show about a young boy nicknamed “beaver” and his adventures at home and school. Although this show is in black in white, it does not detract from the entertainment value. What is great about this show is that it is a timeless classic and will most likely continue to remain popular as the years roll on. That cannot be said about a lot of today’s television shows, which would appall grandparents.

One of the most popular classic television shows is Brady Bunch, which debuted in 1969. This is a show that is about the trials and triumphs of a blended family and their housekeeper. The recognition of this show has only continued to grow over the decades as it has had several spin offs and two movies. Families can sit down and enjoy this show without worrying about the negative effects that it can potentially have on their children. Some people may also view this show as educational, as the characters face issues that most children and teenagers have to deal with at some point in their lives.

One of the newer classics is Full House, which debuted in 1987. This is a show that started the career of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. This is a show about a large close knit family living in San Francisco. This show is both comical and heart warming. Families will be able to sit down and enjoy this comedy without hearing a bunch of “bleeps” blocking out explicit words and other inappropriate things.

Finding shows that are family friendly can be difficult as out society pushes to make television more and more inappropriate. Fortunately, there are classic television shows that will always be around and are both clean and amusing. Watching television should always be a family event, timeless shows make that happen.