‘Wolverine 3’ Spoilers: Here’s What You Should Know


“Wolverine 3” will be set on a different X-Men time. Hugh Jackman has personally confirmed the news saying it would not be fun if fans already know the details of the upcoming film.

One thing special about the third installment of the “Wolverine” franchise is that it will be the last film starring Jackman. The Australian actor has already announced that he will be retiring from portraying the role of the clawed mutant. For 17 years, he was able to play as Wolverine for eight times.

In terms of the storyline of “Wolverine 3”, it is speculated that the upcoming film will draw inspiration from “Old Man Logan” which is about an older Wolverine who gave up his wrong doings and bad habits,Cinema Blend reports. He travels around United States to slay villains who are using their powers to disturb people.

Earlier reports reveal that the script of the movie would include foul language and violence so it is likely that it will receive an R-rating. The film might follow the path of “Deadpool” which earned more than $750 million despite being R-rated and having a small budget of $58 million.

A new character is also expected to be introduced labeled as X-23. Named as Laura Kinney, the character has claws as she is a young clone of Logan, according to Superhero Hype. Having two clawed mutant in the upcoming film is quite interesting.

X-23 came into being when an organization was attempting to replicate Wolverine to create more weapons. Laura Kinney was experiment number 23 and the only one who was successfully cloned. The character has the same strength and power with Logan but she only has two claws on each hands. Unlike Wolverine, a claw comes out on each of her foot giving her more advantage than her predecessor.

“Wolverine 3” will be released in theaters on March 17, 2017.

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