Vikings season 4 plot update: Ragnar to punish Rollo, Lagertha and Floki after their dark confession


Vikings season 4 will return in 2016 and the series is expected to bring some exciting twists in King Ragnar’s life with regards to his relationship with his brother Rollo, his former wife Lagertha and his best friend Floki.

In the season 3 finale of the historical drama, the Viking lord’s family believes him dead and in an attempt to bid him farewell, they confess their deepest, darkest secrets to his ‘lifeless’ body.

However, later they come to know that the King of Denmark is alive and has only staged his death in order to enter the impenetrable city of Paris.

Apart from his son Bjorn Lothbrok, Ragnar’s friends and family are unaware of his plans and this leads to the most unpleasant situation in the series till now.

“He’s heard everything! He knows what people think about him. They were moving confessionals, really…I’m sure Ragnar was smiling a little inside the coffin,” series creator Michael Hirst told The Hollywood Reporter.

Hirst also hinted that the King of Denmark will not take the confessions lightly and that they will have to bear his fury. “They will suffer from that later; there’s a carry-over because they’ve confessed things that they would have kept to themselves otherwise.”