The Greatest Showtime Original Series To Check Out


One of the best premium television networks around is Showtime. HBO is the obvious front-runner for a paid programming channel, but Showtime is quickly closing that gap. There are many shows on Showtime that have become my favorites, and as a result, I find myself torn on which network I prefer.

Here are some of my favorite Showtime original series to watch.

First and foremost is Dexter. This has quickly become my favorite show on all of television. The writing of this show is top notch and Michael C. Hall is absolutely perfect in the role of Dexter. It’s not a show for younger audiences, but if you can handle a little blood and suspense, there is no better show.

Another show that definitely makes the cut for me is Weeds. This show stars Mary Louise Parker as a single mom raising a family on the run. While the plotlines have spiraled a little out of control, it is still one of my favorites.

It goes without saying that Californication is another Showtime original series that is definitely worth watching. The main character of this show, Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) is absolutely hilarious.

Inside The NFL is another show that I absolutely love. This weekly show showcases the highlights and lowlights of the past week in the NFL, as well as a look ahead to the upcoming games. James Brown and his crew do a fantastic job with this show.

Last but not least is the Tudors. This show provides an incredibly interesting look at the Roman Empire and those in power. I really like this show and think Jonathan Rhys Meyers is great as the lead.

If you are considering getting Showtime, hopefully you now realize that there are an arsenal of great shows, in addition to their movies, to check out.