Fox News Ratings


Have you considered why lately that FOX News has had their ratings slipping? Well if you will consider that their news segments re-run too much and therefore you only need to watch it for 15-minutes and you got all the news with a conservative slant for the day.

Also consider that the segments of news are down to 3-4 minutes between commercials, which some say is about the attention span of a Nat, or the average US citizens brain really. But there are other reasons as well such as many people are watching better coverage on CNN or staying up on the Weather on the Weather Channel; now the Hurricane Authority, as they have self-proclaimed themselves, perhaps that is apropos for them, but the Weather Channel certainly is not FOX network and if they were smart they would buy them now while they can afford too.

But also FOX news is going over board on there show with stupid lawyer guests. People hate lawyers and yet FOX news casters give them way too much credence. Additionally the fair and balanced concept is hardly balanced, that news media is biased with a conservative slant. Which is fine for me, but even so I wish they would hear some of these liberal guests out more rather then cutting them off all the time? How about you? Consider this in 2006.