The Blacklist season 3 plot: Actor teases ‘confusing kind of love’ between Liz and Red when show returns


The Blacklist season 2 finale ended with everyone on the run, as its central characters Liz and Red hopped on a van to flee the country together.

In the final moments we see Liz and Reddington (James Spader) driving off together, with Agent Keen now joining him on the FBI’s most wanted list, and Director Cooper (Harry Lennix) being removed from his position and replaced by Agent Ressler.

The relationship between the show’s lead character Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and Raymond Reddington (James Spader) has always been complicated.

In Episode 22 titled Masha Rostova, Liz remembers that she was the one who pulled the trigger and killed her father on the night of the fire. When Liz meets Red and tells him that she remembers everything, Red breaks own. A sweet moment between the two ensues, as Liz, finally realises the extent of his care for her.

It is obvious that they clearly care about each other very deeply, but is it romantic? Is it father- daughter love? Megan Boone, who plays Liz says, they share a confusing kind of love.

Boone told Zap2it that even she isn’t entirely sure about the nature of their relationship, but she does know that it will have to be answered by the show.

“I think people see how much Red loves her, and it is a confusing kind of love,” says Boone. “I think that will have to be answered. How do you love someone that deeply — no matter what the circumstances, but especially when the circumstances are mysterious?”

Although Boone confirms that she doesn’t think it’s a romantic relationship, and that fans perhaps misread a comment she made a year ago to Gold Derby about the show being a “love story.”

“I think she loves him,” says Boone, “but I don’t think there are romantic feelings. … I don’t necessarily think it’s a [romantic]love story between Liz and Reddington, even though there are people out there that really feel that’s what they want.”

“I think it’s interesting that people have so many feelings about Liz’s love life, especially when it’s really not the thing that’s on the forefront of her mind,” says Boone.

“She has so many other things that she’s concerned about, but people are like, ‘Just forget about your own identity, and all the things you’re thinking about in your own life and just settle down.”

Season 3 plot

Megan Boone tells Zap2it when The Blacklist season 3 returns, it is going to be a very different show.

“Season 3 is going to be the same characters but a different show, a very different dynamic,” says Boone. “Because now Liz Keen is no longer working within the law.”

Boone teased that with the task force imploding, the structure of the series is going to change.

“If you break open the entire task force, then it will be challenging to try to find the procedural aspect of the show again,” says Boone.

“With 22 episodes a year, it does benefit the show to have some kind of a formula … but we are going to sort of break open a lot of the structure of the show.”