‘Suits’ Season 3 Finale Recap: New Beginnings

Just when it seemed like there was “No Way Out,” Harvey and Mike found an escape hatch on Suits. The path taken was not ideal, but they both realized if they wanted to move forward without fear in their heart, it was the best option.


The Suits season 3 finale provided the show’s best and most sincere moments. The stoic walls surrounding both Harvey and Jessica came crashing down. The turmoil the firm has been through brought them all closer together and proved how much they really care about each other.
Mike’s secret was a threat to the firm and those in the know, but that secret also bonded them together in a way that no case or other experience could. As Donna told Jessica, Harvey became the man he is because he was forced to protect Mike. He learned to care.
Pearson Specter became a true family at the core. They strayed from their prime mission during their struggles, but now they can find their way back to being the type of firm they want to be. And, they can do it without the threat of the firm imploding if the lie was exposed.
Quelling’s threat to turn Mike in for the Hessington Oil deal ended up being even worse than imagined. Even though, he didn’t go through with it, the actions Quelling took stirred up interest at the US Attorney’s Office about it.
Mike was arrested, but Harvey was really the target. There was no way that Mike would turn on Harvey. Of course, US Attorney Eric Woodall didn’t have a clue of the connection between Mike and his mentor.
While it was nice to see Harold again, he’s return was horrible for them all. (Louis needs to hire him for season 4!) He’s the perfect candidate for someone who would break. It wasn’t just a matter of personal strength or character, but he had no loyalty to fall back on.
Louis was the best person to convince Harold to stay quiet. They’ve had their conflicts before, but Harold respects Louis and knows he’s trustworthy. For now, Harold and Mike are in the clear, but Woodall could still come after them.
Ever since Mike walked into the interview room with a suitcase full of drugs, he’s been connected to Harvey. Their relationship has been unique and unlike any other. Mike helped Harvey think about someone other than himself. And, Harvey gave Mike opportunities he thought he lost years before.
Mike’s situation forced Harvey to take a good look at what he’s done. His story about his mother was heartbreaking, but timely. Harvey was not going to let Mike take the fall for what Harvey felt responsible for doing.
They pushed the limits with their lie, Lola, Danner, Darby perjury, and on. Harvey was going to fix it. He’s a fixer and in this case that mean falling on his sword and taking the punishment that he felt belonged with him.
The loyalty that these two men have for each other is intense. They may not be friends, but they are much more. There’s a love there that’s special. It made Mike’s decision the only one to be make.
Mike couldn’t put Harvey and the others at Pearson Specter in danger any longer. He was leaving the law and becoming an investment banker. He will rock it there and without the fear of a prison cell.
Bonus: They will still be working together!
Double Bonus: Rachel and Mike will be back on a happy path!
Sadly, Harvey not only lost his prized associate, he also lost Scottie. It’s usually a happy moment when someone declares their love for another, but not in this case. Harvey told Scottie he loves her, but he was letting her go.
As a closing gift to both of them, he told her the truth about Mike. He was finally able to be the man she wanted, but it wasn’t enough. The idea of them working together and being in a relationship too was always going to be problematic, but at least they gave it a try.
Harvey’s opened his heart over the last couple years with Zoe and Scottie. There’s hope for him after all. Maybe Scottie and Harvey will find their way back to each other, though I bet that will have more to do with Abigail Spencer’s availability than anything.
The other moment that really hit deep in the heart was the conversation between Jessica and Rachel. The paralegal has created a special spot in the firm for herself. Jessica’s acknowledgement that Rachel was part of the family was touching.
The two of them have the potential of being the new Harvey and Mike. Rachel would be the perfect person to step up with Mike gone since she’ll still need to work at the firm while attending law school.
The wait for the last six episodes of Suits season 3 felt like forever, but the good thing about them being pushed into 2014 is that season 4 is only two months away. It’s going to be a different show, but the possibilities of seeing Mike and Harvey as professional equals will be fascinating to watch.
Pearson Specter overcame a lot over the last year and pushed the boundaries. With Jessica, Harvey and Louis all working together and determined to take a new path, they will be unstoppable.
The most important question: Is Harvey Superman or Aquaman now?
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