‘Narcos’ Plot Explained: Five Things You Need to Know About the Netflix Show


One of the most fascinating things about crime shows is the ability to peek into the criminal’s mind. And director Jose Padilha has affirmed this in his latest TV series, “Narcos”. The show, which will air on Friday, 28 August on Netflix, will depict the life of Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug kingpin who was notorious in the 80s. Although there are many retellings of Escobar’s reign in Colombia, the ten-hour long episodes will allow Padilha to portray every character’s ego, dreams, motives and ruthlessness. In fact, the director initially wanted to make a film on Escobar but decided against it.

“Narcos” will see “Elite Squad” star Moura reteam with Padilha. As far as the casting is concerned, we couldn’t be happier. Pablo Escobar will be played by Brazilian actor, Wagner Moura.”Game of Thrones” actor Pedro Pascal is cast as a DEA agent alongside Boyd Holbrook, and together they are engulfed in a drug war.

Let’s take a look at what else the show has in store for us.

“Narcos” will explore the rise of Pablo Escobar in the drug scene. The series will document his ambitions, his egoistic nature and the motives that guided him to kill thousands of poor people in Colombia. “Pablo made it (in the drug world) fast. Cocaine was very cheap to produce, highly addictive with incredible profit margins. No one knew what they had until cocaine hit America. All the money that went into Colombia corresponds to the cocaine in America,” Deadline quoted Padilha as saying.

Escobar’s biopic will reveal archival footage of the kingpin in several photos. Furthermore, the show will present former DEA agent Steve Murphy’s first person narration of Escobar, interspersed with relaying of actual events by actors Moura, Pacal, Holbrook and the rest of the cast.

The show will capture Miami’s descent into a drug-induced abyss in the 1980s. This will remain one of the main plot points of the series. When Escobar is told about the profits and money that can be made from drug peddling, he says, “Imagine how much it will sell for in Miami,” reports Variety. “Narcos” will also offer a glimpse of the deaths that surrounded families in Miami after drugs found their way across the border.

“Narcos” will primarly concern itself about the drug war during the 1980s in which DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña are assigned to travel to Colombia to tackle Escobar’s Medellin Cartel. While the show will explore different dimensions to its characters, its focus remains on the agents’ gameplan to capture Escobar.

The Netflix original crime drama will retell events of the 80s without referring to America’s role in the drug war. “We didn’t want to give the Americans too much credit for what they did (during the drug war), it was also about the Colombian effort. They did the dying and the suffering to bring Pablo Escobar down,” Deadline quoted Executive Producer, Newman as saying.


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