Gotham Season 1 Ep. 22


Gotham’s first season ends much as it lived—with confusion, poorly plotted scenes and by turning a blind eye to everything that makes Batman great. To say “All Happy Families Are Alike” is a letdown would be to expect too much from this finale to begin with. But after this week’s episode finally cuts to black and the credits roll, it’s hard not to feel like the entire first year was a missed opportunity.

Even though Gotham had 20 episodes to build up to something compelling, the first season finale came off rushed and tossed together. In fact, even the characters themselves seemed unsure of what was happening moment to moment.

As we saw in the final minutes of last week’s “The Anvil or the Hammer,” Gotham opens in the middle of an all-out gang war between Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Maroni. This end-of-days blood feud was initially sparked by Penguin, who hired killers to act like Falcone’s men to assassinate Maroni. When they botched the job, Maroni responded with furious anger and began systematically eliminating Falcone’s businesses.

This brings us up to date, and Gotham wastes absolutely no time in squandering the set-up. Fish Mooney appears out of the mist and meets Selina Kyle, who’s just bumming on the shore. Mooney is dressed like some kind of Jedi (or maybe Sith is more appropriate), says some cryptic double-speak about it being a new day and continues on her way.

The problem? We haven’t seen Fish Mooney for two episodes, and the last time we saw her, it looked like she was about to die. She certainly looks fine now. What happened to her? How did she survive? If they’re not going to address it, then why shoot her in the first place at all?