The Vampire Diaries


With the popularity of Vampire television series these days, it may be hard to choose the right one. The Vampire Diaries is a television show which airs on The CW network. The first season of the show has concluded, which season two is scheduled to premiere on September 19th, 2010. The television series is based on the best selling series of books by L.J. Smith.

The first season of the series revolved around the life of Elena Gilbert, who tries to piece her life back together after the tragic death of her parents. Mystic Falls plays host to not only the town where the show takes place, but is also the name of the town’s High School. Elena also looks after the likes of her younger brother, Jeremy whom since his parents death has resorted to not so teenage ways of life, dealing drugs.

In the process of returning to school Elena locks eyes with the “new kid in town.” In the principals office is Stefan the 100+ year old Vampire (17 year old teen) the two of them almost immediately fall in love. Elena and Stefan eventually engage in a relationship, where as the “evil” brother of Stefan, Damon begins to make his evil ways known.

Elena is important to the Vampire brothers not only due to her relationship with Stefan, but also her strong resemblance to the woman responsible for the brothers being Vampires, Katherine. Katherine whom plays a very strong role in the first season, yet is only seen in about two episodes. Damon will continuously look for Katherine during the first season, and in the episode title Fool Me Once, Damon comes close with Katherine, but she is not found.

The second season of The Vampire Diaries looks to be very promising as Taylor Kinney has joined the cast of the show in a re-occurring role. The first season DVD will feature many behind the scenes features.