The Vampire Diaries – From Book to Screen


First of all I have to say that I’ve read most of the books and I kind of liked it. Okay, I’ll admit. The first time hearing about this series I thought…no not another vampire show…but I tuned in anyways. Just to see what the hype was about. The show started off with a stumble, like any new show, but as the story progressed, I’m so addicted. I never missed an episode, if I did I’d try to find it online.I wasn’t a big fan though so I wasn’t so freaked out to watch the series.

When I did watch the show I liked it much more than the books. OH YES I DID. Why? Because of Elena. I didn’t like that character in the book at all! A blond haired,blue eyed cheerleader who is the most popular girl of the school and every boy wants to go out with her? Not for me. So far that was better than the book. For me, anyway. I do understand though, those who didn’t like the series for not being a good adaption of the books, I’ve been there. But don’t forget it is supposed to be BASED on the novel. I didn’t care about older actors playing younger roles, or that most of them are pretty.

The storyline sucked me in from the start. It’s not easy to do that. The characters are developing nicely, especially considering it’s a new show and it generally takes time for the cast to gel. Vampire shows are the rage right now and this one takes on a bit of a twist. The plot contains the usual school-age challenges and weaves in supernatural elements. My only complaint (as with most shows) is that they always hire extremely skinny actresses, once again perpetuating the body image issues that face a lot of our young people. How about hiring a lead actress who doesn’t disappear when she turns sideways? Other than that usual issue, the show is very entertaining.

It also seems like they did a good job scoring the pilot episode as well. They chose good new actors and the way they set the story up works very well. They establish the background for the main character as well as some of the background for the vampire. It also establishes the villain of season one. So far the pilot seems like a great start to a great show.

And sure, it’s easy to compare this to twilight. I used to be a fan of Twilight. Yeah, those days are over. Compared to the movie, TVD has better graphics, better plot, better characters and sooo much more chemistry between the two leads. Twilight makes me cringe just thinking about it…

But don’t be fooled. If you’re expecting another program to buy into the hype surrounding vampires, you’re way off. So off, you’re in another state. The Vampire Diaries started off that way though. But with time, and a few episodes, it went places that no other vampire show/movie has gone before. What happens when a whole town knows about vampires, and has done for centuries? It’s an interesting premise, and a good place to start a season, and soon the show delves into not just a girl’s relationship with a vampire and his brother, but a whole town’s history. To say this is the best scripted program on television is being bold, but I only say it because it is the truth.

While Glee runs away with the ratings, The Vampire Diaries is probably the best CW show made so far. And it’s thanks to Kevin Williamson, who wrote the Scream trilogy, and Dawson’s Creek. He returns to TV land in top form here, weaving each character’s story around another, including tiny hints for future seasons, until you simply can’t predict what happens next. Certainly the latter half of season 1 is where it enters excellent territory, but in saying that, the first half is definitely worth watching but seems more tame compared. The second half seems to know what it wants to be and goes there, adding quite scary scenarios and gruesome effects. This is probably the scariest program on the box, and definitely the most R rated in CW/WB history. Not to mention, has the best twists imaginable! If you’re expecting a clich├ęd romantic vampire world, go and watch Twilight. This is actually better than True Blood and Twilight combined.