The Big Bang Theory – Unseen Pilot Episode


I have been a die-hard fan of “The Big Bang Theory” television series ever since I first saw its pilot episode. For ages, I read articles about an unseen pilot episode of the show from several websites on the internet; but I never got the chance to see it for myself. To see one episode that somehow boosted the series’ first season to a successful production that is “The Big Bang Theory” was really intriguing, in my opinion.

I searched the internet for such pages only to be disappointed over and over. The download or streaming links that these pages provided may have either expired or blocked by Warner Brothers Entertainment on copyright grounds. If not for a very good friend of mine, who willingly gave me a copy of the show in exchange for a unique online in-game item, I shall remain as one of those few, unfortunate fans who continue to hunt and crave for a replica of that elusive episode.

Of course, I have no intention of spoiling the story for you. I will only be pointing out significant differences between what was aired and what was not. The unseen pilot has a theme that is rather dull and unappealing. Judging the overall ambiance and tone of the clip, it also suggests an eighties’ environment which might lead the audience into thinking this series is a legendary classic.

The musical score is not from what we know as Barenaked Ladies’ “The Big Bang Theory” but from Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science” (as noted in reliable sources from the net). The lyrics solely consist of a guy yelling “science” every now and then. The old title card does not show any atomic particles or electron paths but it is arranged in the form of a formula. Other equations in smaller writing may be seen drifting in the background.

Howard and Raj were not in the first series yet and instead, a female named Gilda, played by Iris Bahr, was Sheldon and Leonard’s close friend-as geeky as they were, too, but not as hilarious. We would not see Penny here, either. The original female lead, who the best pals introduced themselves to, was named Katie. Katie, played by Amanda Walsh, was characterized as someone who was as tough as nails with a soft inner being. Her rather complex personal problems will best describe to you who she is. The most surprising I noticed though was Sheldon’s “human” personality. We will identify him in the show as a fetishist of female buttocks which is highly in contrast to his present character.

Although the initial lighting was far less superior compared to what we are seeing now, I am glad that some of the few adjustments made the show a little better. Leonard and Sheldon, despite the crude atmosphere in the unseen pilot, were great as ever.