The Big Bang Theory TV Show


The Big Bang Theory portrays two hyper-intelligent and ultra geeky physicists, come room mates (Leonard and Sheldon) and what happens when an young charming woman (Penny) moves to the apartment next door. The nerds live in a technology-bound environment and are totally oblivious to the outside world. On the other side, Penny is absolutely pragmatic and down to earth. The director wins in portraying the two extreme ends of the spectrum, book smarts and social smarts. It is funnier to see the two nerds have even more nerdier friends (Howard and Rajesh).

The characterization of each one is superb. Leonard does not like to be seen as a nerd. He tries to impress Penny by trying to convince that he is not actually a nerd. But he miserably fails each time, leaving us all in laughter. Sheldon is brilliant in laboratory but totally inane out of it. He shows stubbornness, bombastic ego and quirks which are admirable. Penny is extremely practical and lives on the “real world”. Howard thinks himself he is as sexy as he is brainy. His sincere attempts to impress penny goes in vain. Rajesh, yet another genius suffers from an inability to speak in the presence of a woman.

The director is brave to turn an acute topic such as science into a lovable sitcom. It is amazing to notice that even particle physics and string theory could be funny. The timing is excellent. A very good aspect of this show is that geeks are lovable and funny and human, not pathetic. The “chemistry” between the physicists is fabulous. The dynamics and the dialog between the four friends is fast paced, funny and rich with detailed observations. The jokes are delivered with dry humor which makes it even more hilarious!