The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season


For this article we’re going to review a gift suggestion called The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season. If you’ve never seen the show then we’ll discuss it in more detail more. As for our suggestion, we think it’s the perfect gift for men who like smart humor. If your man is the type of guy who wears shirts with pocket protectors then this is probably one gift that he’ll love.

The Big Bang Theory casts Johnny Galecki and Jim Parson as brilliant physicists. However all their brains don’t help them socialize with people. They have their own group of friends who are considered nerds. While Sheldon is content playing Klingon Boggle on Friday nights, Leonard isn’t. Which is why when a beautiful young woman (Penny) moves next door Leonard sees countless possibilities. The entire series has countless laughs that white collar men all over the world would enjoy.

As for the reviews, The Big Bang Theory does have a following of people who like it. There are countless positive reviews giving the series good ratings. Some of those positive reviews are from people who enjoy the humor. If you liked Revenge of the Nerds then you’ll love this movie says an anonymous source. However, some people gave the series a negative review. They state they liked the first few seasons and season three just didn’t do it for them. In our personal opinion we loved all the seasons which is why we decided to give this gift the review it deserves.