Breaking Bad Season 1


Walter White is an over qualified high school chemistry teacher, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a fairly passive man, especially to his wife Skylar, who tends to be very controlling. Walt and Skylar have one child, Walt Jr. who has cerebral pulse. In the opening of the show, you quickly find out that Whites are expecting a baby, so all-in all; Walter White and his family have many money problems, and more on the way. And to all their surprise, the biggest fiscal commodity was soon to be dropped on their household: Walter White is terminally ill with lung cancer.

From this tragic news, Walt seems to be very despondent and heartless about the whole situation. Of course no one faults him for this. But why is he acting in this way? Something more is going on in Walt’s brilliant head.

Brother in law to Walt, DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency) agent Hank Schrader, asks Walt to accept a ride along on a drug bust with him. Walt hesitantly accepts. While on the ride along of a basement-ran meth lab bust, Walter stays put safely in Hank’s car. While sitting there, he notices a former burn-out student of his climbing out the window of a neighbor’s house. The former students sees Walt, and signals to him to keep quiet, and runs off. Obviously part of the meth lab, the DEA sting takes down the former student’s partner. While on the way back from the bust, Hank makes a mistake, he drops to Walt how much money is in methamphetamine manufacturing. Suddenly, us viewers know what is brewing in Walter White’s head: with all the money problems his family is under and about to encounter, he wants to leave his family well off when he dies in three months. Walter White, with his expertise in chemistry, wants to cook meth.

The following episodes, Walt is battling with this criminal idea, even drawing out a ‘pros and cons’ list. Soon enough, his instinct to provide for his family take reign and he goes off to fall into the underground business of methamphetamine, and he knows just where to start. Walt contacts the former student of his that he let escape from the DEA sting, Jesse Pinkman (hint: notice color representation with white and pink). Arriving at Jesse’s house, you can tell that Walt is not fully comfortable with the idea, and similarly Jesse thinks he is wired. After some convincing, Walt tells Jesse that he knows how to cook meth, while Jesse knows the game; a perfect match.