Top TV Shows That You Must Watch Now


There are plenty of great TV shows or series that are available for you to watch now. There are a few shows that you watch anytime you feel like doing so. These shows are as follows. There are many great shows, but below are four shows that we have handpicked keeping in mind the different genres.


‘Damages’ is a show that was created by the great Todd Kessler. The famous character that is Glenn Close is based on the popular David Chase. Each of the seasons of Damages mostly centers around one particular case and this is what makes it all the more interesting. Also the entire quality of the show depends on the season itself. The character Glenn Close is said to be very brilliant, brutal and ruthless. All the frontline characters in the show are quite recurring and this is what makes Damages all the more interesting.


Everyone has heard about Arrow as it needs no explanation. It is a lot of fun to get hooked to this show because it has all the ingredients of a great TV series. It can be said to be a combination of addictive and serialized storylines, dark characters and villains throughout the week. The third season hits a few rough patches but it is still a show to go for anytime of the day.


A blood spatter analyst turns out to be a serial killer for the good people. This is what Dexter is all about. The last four seasons are not even close to the mark but the first and the fourth season are so good that Dexter still manages to make it to this particular list. Despite a disappointing finale, Dexter is still a great show and the characters are simply amazing.

House of Cards

This TV show is simply worth the 100 million that has been spent on it for production purposes. It also features a very slick kind of writing, a dark sense of humor and engrossing plot lines. Over all these, it features the great Kevin Spacey who simply adds a lot of light to the already existing brightness. The first season is the best out of the four and the third season is straight bleak. You can go for this show without giving it a single thought and it will be worth it. It is one of the important things to remember.