Top Ten Shows and Performances in Branson, Missouri


Branson, Missouri is famous for the number of entertainment venues and theaters it has. The town has had many famous performers grace the stages of these theaters over the years, such as Dick Clark, Andy Williams and Joey Riley. With so many performances and entertainment available here is a list of Ten of the best shows and performances to look out for as you get ready to enjoy your visit to Branson.

1. Acrobats of China: An entertainment troupe exported all the way from Shanghai, the show is full of lovely music, breathtaking sets, and unbelievable acrobatics that will astound you. This show has one “Best Show of the Year,” the Branson Peace Award, and the Best Foreign Production on Broadway.

2. Broadway: A Star-Spangled Celebration: If you can’t make it out to New York City, get more bang for your buck and time by watching all of the classics you know and love in one theater for one ticket price! Over two dozen professional singers and dancers cover the biggest hits of the century.

3. Bart Rockett: Bart Rockett has been performing since age ten, from every major television network and cruise ship to his unscripted, personable Branson show show that features audience participation, illusions, magic tricks, ventriloquism, professionalism, and humor.

4. Buck Trent Morning Show: The Buck Trent Morning Show (and breakfast!) is just the place to get that crazy day started off right. Buck sings gospel, country, and bluegrass with an all-star cast of musicians.

5. Dutton Family Theater: Though they got famous on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the Dutton family of acclaimed musicians are no stranger to foot-stomping performances. The family members, young and old, play dozens of instruments in a well-reviewed, self-produced show.

6. Hughes Brothers: The five Hughes brothers make their song-and-dance production a family affair of gospel, country, comedy, and harmonies of the five talented brothers, their respective wives, and children.

7. Jim Stafford Theater: Jim Stafford, called “The Victor Borge of the Guiet is an old Branson favorite with his blend of personable comedy and music that never fail to connect with his roaring audiences.

8. Legends in Concert: Legends in Concert is a two-hour tribute show by an amazing cast of professional impersonators producing a medley of classic songs and musical celebrities, from Alan Jackson to Marilyn Monroe, 1950’s Elvis to Buddy Holly, just to name a few.

9. Magnificent Seven: This non-stop musical variety production has 16 performers, 300 costume changes, and 75 show-stopping numbers, ranging from country to disco to Top 40 to swing. Enjoy an array of Gospel hits, Broadway classics, and patriotic tributes with great choreography.

10. Pierce Arrow: The show is diverse, so prepare to be cracking up between medleys of patriotic numbers and show-stopping gospel numbers. Pierce Arrow are four male singers whose partnership brings to life great renditions of groups like the Oak Ridge Boys.