Iconic Movie Hotels We All Wish We Could Visit


When you think of hotels in movies, there are a few that immediately come to mind. Hotels offer a phenomenal setting for a story to unfold, with restaurants, long hallways, empty rooms and an ever present staff. Directors such as Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick bring their visions to life through the depiction of these magnificent buildings and the outrageous occurrences that happen within their walls.

The Overlook from The Shining

In the film adaptation of Stephen King’s book, a family stays in The Overlook for the winter months until tourist season comes back around. Perhaps the most iconic hotel in all of film, The Overlook has expansive community rooms, an impressive kitchen, seemingly endless hallways and an outdoor maze. The amazing amount of space is paramount to the tension that builds in the film. With the unique and striking seventies decor, it’s hard to forget.

The Grand Budapest from The Grand Budapest Hotel

From the great creative mind of director Wes Anderson, the Grand Budapest Hotel came onto the map in 2014. A massive pink structure perched on top of a hill in Europe, the Grand Budapest is sprawling with bathing rooms, a large restaurant and many floors. The Grand Budapest certainly appears striking on film, with its mystical views, stunning rooms and fiery red interior.

The Regent Beverly Wilshire from Pretty Woman

Julia Robert’s performance in Pretty Woman is iconic. As a prostitute hired by a wealthy man for a week, she makes the Regent Beverly Wilshire her temporary home. Unlike the run-down apartment she lives in with her roommate and best friend, the Wilshire has large jacuzzi bathtubs, balconies and excellent room service. This Wilshire is fit for a queen with its enormous suites, luxurious pools and attentive wait staff.

The Bellagio from Ocean’s Eleven

The Bellagio in Las Vegas has appeared in many movies. Oceans Eleven, however, offers the best peek inside this iconic building. The suites are ornate, the casino rooms glitter with color and the fountain outside is always running. Class and elegance are built into the framework at the Bellagio.

Honorable Mention: The Bates Motel from Psycho

While the Bates Motel isn’t technically a hotel, it’s worth mentioning in this list. As the setting for an iconic Hitchcock horror film, the Bates Motel is chilling and spooky. Haunted by the ghost of his mother, Norman Bates preys on the influx of tourists and guests staying in the chilling abodes.

Each one of these iconic hotels play a crucial role in the film in which they star. While some have existed before the movies were created, such as the Bellagio and the Regent Beverly Wilshire, others have been fabricated with immense detail to accentuate the mood and design of the film. Either way, it would be a treat to stay in any one of these lodges, even if it would have to be in a fictional world.