HBO Defined Brings the Best HBO Original Series this June


Quality and exciting entertainment is what HBO Defined always promises, and they always live up to it. HBO Defined is coming up with yet another grand line up of HBO Original Series on your television sets. Moreover, like always, you can enjoy these star-studded series 100% ad-free.

The Brink is an upcoming American television comedy series created by brothers Roberto Benabib and Kim Benabib. The series stars Mays Jackson, Eric Ladin, Esai Morales as the main leads. The Brink stars Tim Robbins as a skirt-chasing, booze-swilling secretary of state trying to stave off World War III with the unlikely help of a sleazy foreign-service peon played by Jack Black. Also on board are Orange Is the New Black favorite Pablo Schreiber, playing a navy pilot who deals drugs to make ends meet, and The Daily Show vet Aasif Mandvi as a sardonic embassy worker. It’s a motley crew tasked with ensuring that a Pakistani military coup doesn’t tip the world into chaos, which could make for a pretty tense, grim series. Do not miss watching.The Brink on June 22, 9:00 PM IST, only on HBO Defined, 100% ad-free.

That was just one surprise. The other is even bigger! Can you smell what The Rock is Cooking?

Ballers is HBO Originals series created by Steve Levinson. Ballers the half-hour comedy series will look at the lives of current and former professional football stars. It will also be top lined by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne Johnson, the Hollywood action star is all set to make his television debut as a retired athlete in Ballers. The cast includes Omar Benson Miller as Charles, anaffable former pro athlete who is searching for his next career; Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington as Ricky, a highly competitive and highly spiritual pro athlete; Rob Corddry as Joe, a financial advisor who tries really hard to fit in; Troy Garity as Jason, a top-tier sports agent; Donovan Carter as Vernon, a deeply family-oriented pro athlete;Jazmyn Simon as Julie, wife of an ex-pro athlete; Taylor Cole as Michaels, an ESPN sideline reporter who is romantically involved with Spencer; and LeToya Luckett as Tina, widow to one of Spencer’s closest friends. Ballers TV Series is coming to storm your television sets and sweep you off your feet only on HBO Defined, June 22, 9:30 PM, IST and let me remind you, they are all 100% ad-free.

The HBO Originals are always the much awaited shows of the year, and also the ones that leave a mark on audience. So what are you waiting for? Grab your seats, 100% ad-free HBO Originals are coming to thrill you, only on HBO Defined, June 22, 9:00 PM onwards. Dare you forget!