CW’s Arrow, Who Do You Think Will Survive Season 2?


Warning, Spoiler alerts for those who do not regularly follow the show!

Things are not looking good in Starling City in season two of Arrow. Last season had quite the ending with the loss of a loved character and friend to many. Who do you feel is most likely to die by the end of season two?

At the end of Season One, Oliver Queen (The Hood) suffered the loss of his best friend during a failed attempt to stop the Black Archer (Malcolm Merlyn) from destroying the Glades. Not only did Tommy Merlyn, but the devastation ripped apart many friendships and romances in bloom. Oliver retreats to the island he was marooned on for five years prior to the events of Season One and his mother goes to prison for being a part of the terrorist act that brought the Glades to a pile of rubble.

On to Season Two, we see a self punishing Oliver Queen who returns from the island once more to Starling City in hopes of fixing the failures of the past. After trying to deny the hood and bow he once used to defend the city, he is forced into action to save his little sister who had been captured by a rouge croup of vigilantes. It is soon discovered that forces in the shadows seek their revenge on Oliver for reasons unknown. As Oliver Queen (under the disguise of what the city now calls Arrow) tires to right the wrongs of his mother and Tommy’s father, people from the past return from the dead to complicate his mission. One of which is non other than Slade Wilson, a man we last saw as a friend, but who quickly has turned master villain. With the super human enhancement from a miracle drug, Slade is as physically strong as he is insane. With vengeance in his heart, Slade tells Oliver he will not rest until everything Oliver loves is gone.

Last we saw Salde made a surprise visit to the Queen family mansion, proving to Oliver that he could access his loved ones any time he wished. The odds are against Arrow and his team and it is unlikely either side will get out unscathed, so the question remains, who do you feel is most likely to die in the war to come? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice for the justice the city so desperately needs?