The Most Watched American TV Shows


Nowadays, a lot of tripe gets passed off as television. These TV shows have no storyline, very bad acting, and lots of goofs. But then again, there are some TV shows that are genuinely good, here we list a few.

Boston Legal, which is shown on ABC on Tuesdays, is one of the best TV shows out there. The dialogues of this show are above average – they’re smart, they’re crisp, and they’re really well written. Some of the lines would actually make you laugh out loud – which really isn’t an easy thing to do when it comes to script-writing! The characters in this show are deep, and the courtroom drama actually makes you sit up and pay attention. You’ll love James Spader, not just because he’s so darn yummy but also because he’s a brilliant actor, and William Shatner is really good as well. If you think about the state of the nation and its policies, then Boston Legal is the show for you. It’s a show that makes you think.

Bones is another of the TV shows that you must watch – simply because it’s really worth watching. This Fox show has a lot of clever action, a lot of clever lines – and if you like good old-fashioned whodunit action, then this is the show for you. Plus, anyone who likes David Boreanaz will love this show. This TV show, incidentally, it based on a real-life forensic anthropologist, so the stories are actually more credible than average crime drama that you may be used to. Plus, the sexual tension between the leading pair is something to watch out for.

Yet another among the TV shows that you must watch is Heroes – which you’ll love for the cinematography and the science-fiction essence. It’s about a group of human mutants who are coming to terms with their new abilities – and the fact that they must change the world.