The Convenience of Movie Channels


The days of driving to the movie rental store to meander through the isles in the hopes of finding the perfect movie are rapidly coming to an end. Nowadays, it is not necessary to sort through hundreds of titles by hand without even knowing if you will find a movie that you will find interesting. Instead of waiting in the line at Blockbuster, movie fanatics have started using the wide variety of movie channels available on satellite TV. While most packages include some basic movie channels for free, there are other packages that include VIP access to a wide variety of movies. For those who don’t want to waste the gasoline necessary to drive to the movie store, ordering a movie in is a perfect way to save time and gas.

Movie channels provide a wide variety of selections for your viewing pleasure. Some of the basic packages include free movie stations such as Turner Classic Movies or the AMC movie channel. These two stations tend to emphasize the classics so unless you are in the mood for a black and white picture, you need to consider other options. Other satellite network channels play movies in the weekends. For example, Spike is known for its James Bond series marathons and TBS can be counted on for chick flicks on Friday and Saturday nights. However, if you want to watch a movie without commercial interruptions there are still viable options without having to leave your house.

Upgrading from the basic satellite package automatically gives you access to movie channels such as Stars, HBO, and Showtime. These channels tend to air movies that have more recent release dates and are shown without commercial interruptions. The only draw back to using this feature results from not having the ability to start and stop a movie as you please. Movies are on a set schedule on Stars, HBO, and Showtime, sometimes beginning and ending at odd hours.

Many satellite TV customers prefer to use the pay per view option. By purchasing a pay-per-view movie, you are guaranteed to find the most recent releases in high definition programming. Although pricing of pay-per-view movies may seem a little on the pricey side, the convenience of not having to leave home makes up for the slightly higher prices. Pay-per-view movies are not just limited to new releases but also offer older classics and favorites. This option usually highlights a movie special of the week as well, which allows you to broaden your movie viewing experience.

A final option for those not interested in waiting in line at the movie rental store, is using on-line services such a NetFlix. The latest movies are delivered to your home by mail and when you are finished with them, you merely stick them back in the postbox. There are a wide variety of options when you are interested in seeing new releases and all of them can cut out the commute and wait at the movie store. Depending on your desires, NetFlix, pay-per-view, or movie channels can meet your movie-viewing requirements.

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