Best HBO Shows


Here is my list for the Best HBO Shows. I have to say that True Blood is my favorite, just can’t seem to get enough. So here is the list of the best HBO shows:

True Blood
My taste for TV shows do not usually involve monsters of any kind, but True Blood has sucked me in and I am now a true fan of the show. From the first couple of episodes I needed more. This is such an addicting show that I caught up with the first season in just a few days. The casting is excellent, Sooki, played by Anna Paquin is one of the best characters on HBO.

I’m been an Entourage fan from the beginning. Who doesn’t like to sit and watch the stars play and live their rock and roll lifestyle. It’s great entertainment. Jeremy Piven is amazing to watch, always full of energy and quips and comebacks. I’m sure he’s an inspiration to all agents in Hollywood. And Vincent Chase is so movie-starish, I have to wonder why Adrian Grenier is not a big star in the movies yet?

Boardwalk Empire
This is HBO’s new flagship drama series. It is about Atlantic City back in the 20’s during prohibition. The main character is “Nucky” Thompson played amazingly by Steve Buscemi. I have been a fan of Buscemi for quite some time, but I never saw him in this caliber of role, but he really pulls it off well. Very entertaining series and I look forward to the rest of the season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
My favorite sitcom of all time is Seinfeld, so when I discovered Curb Your Enthusiasm I was in heaven. It has the same situational stickiness as Seinfeld. Only Larry David has his show on HBO, so no holds barred as far as language and innuendo.