HBO Vs Showtime


The two contenders fighting for “Top Premium Movie Channel” currently are HBO and Showtime. These premium cable networks not only offer great movies, but are now becoming known for “hit TV shows”. Lets breakdown these two “Heavy Hitters” and see which one gives you more bang for your buck.

HBO Movies-

HBO has 9 movie channels, 2 of which channels are in High Definition (HD). Their movies combine a good mixture of new releases and older movies. They have a good variety of movies and change their featured movies monthly. HBO has better new releases and looks to have a bigger share in the new release market.

Showtime Movies-

Showtime has 7 movie channels (including The Movie Channel), and provide a Showtime Channel and The Movie Channel on HD. Showtime has a decent variety of movies, but The Movie Channel lacks in their movies. Showtime offers new releases but many are inferior to the new releases that HBO is providing.

HBO TV Series-

HBO has a lot of TV Shows that are now featured such as “Entourage”, “Eastbound & Down”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Hard Knocks”, “Hung”, “Bill Maher”, and “True Blood”. HBO for a long time has been successful in TV series with shows such as “Sex in the City” and “The Sopranos” but these recent TV Shows have added to the depth of HBO and make them a top contender for best premium channel.

Showtime TV Series-

Showtime is currently featuring 6 TV series which include “Weeds”, “Dexter”, “Penn & Teller”, “Nurse Jackie”, “Inside the NFL”, and “The Tudors”. Showtime has two hit TV Series which are “Weeds” and “Dexter” but the other series leave the consumer wanting more series to the caliber of the two major hitters. If Showtime were able to create more hit TV series they could take the reign from HBO who has been the leader since “Sopranos” and “Sex in the City”.

Judges Decision

This was a tough decision but we have to give the Fight to HBO. HBO provides more of a variety, which makes it more appealing to the customer. Showtime has done a great job in the last couple of years with the release of “Weeds” and “Dexter” but need a couple more TV series to compete with the reigning champ HBO. Only time will tell, but Showtime is making progress and I think it’s only a matter of time until they conquer the almighty HBO.