The Greatest Ghost Hunting TV Shows Around


It seems more people now than ever are interested in the topic of ghosts which ultimately has given us an influx of ghost hunting TV shows. Just in case you didn’t know about some of these shows and you are interested in ghost hunting and ghosts in general I decided to write this post listing some of the better ones.

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters centers around the Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS for short, and their investigations into the paranormal. Armed with tons of mod cons to aid their efforts, Taps investigate locations and then attempt to debunk the haunting by finding a natural reason for the phenomena.

Not as good as it once was (the early seasons where the best) due to the fact that it seems to be becoming more sensationalized and more of an entertainment show than a factual one. The fact that I have grown to dislike the main stars of TAPS, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, also doesn’t help (because to me they come across as bullies to the rest of the team, but that may just be me).

If you are interested in watching a ghost hunting TV show then Ghost Hunters is certainly the most popular and has many loving fans, the early seasons are definitely worth a watch. You can catch Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Most Haunted

As far as I am aware Most Haunted was the first show of this type to become a big success when it first aired in the UK. The premise is that a team of investigators including a TV presenter, a parapsychologist and a medium spend a day in a haunted location trying to capture evidence.

The show also had many live specials. These would be broadcast over a number of successive nights and be around 5 hours long each show. The show suffered a bit of an embarrassment when their original psychic, Derek Acorah, was revealed to be making fraudulent claims on the show in the British press.

Definitely classed as an entertainment show rather than a factual one, Most Haunted is very up and down in terms of quality. The show has just finished its final series, however it is looking for a new channel in the U.K so it could return. In the US it is shown on the Travel Channel.

Paranormal State

Paranormal State is a little different to the other shows on this list as it covers other types of paranormal phenomena instead of only featuring ghost and hauntings. Where as Ghost Hunters and other shows are about trying to find or debunk phenomena in locations, Paranormal State instead tells the story of a location and then attempts to help the residents of the place deal with what is happening.

The show is based around Ryan Buell and, supposedly, the rest of his Penn State University Paranormal Research Society (if you blink you’ll miss them). Unfortunately it’s Ryan Buell that makes the show harder to watch as he narrates over the show but his voice his too dry and monotonous that it makes the show appear dull at times. Paranormal State is on A & E.

Ghost Adventures

Of all the ghost hunting shows there can be little doubt that Ghost Adventures is the most entertaining. If you are looking for a serious documentary type show then Ghost Adventures isn’t for you but if you want something fun and that doesn’t take itself too seriously then this is for you.

Ghost Adventures really is a love it or hate it show. Some will find the stars (Zak, Nick, and Aaron) a little on the annoying side but you can never accuse them of being dull. Some also don’t like the fact that this show actually tries to provoke actions from ghosts.

If you’ve tried ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Hunters and found them a little dull then you really should check out Ghost Adventures. It airs on the Travel channel.

These are four of the most popular ghost hunting shows around, and amongst them you should find something that suits your taste.