Bedtime Stories Movie Review


Adam Sandler movies are the greatest for family entertainment. He really created a winner with his latest film, Bedtime Stories. Last week, I showed the film to my seventh and eighth grade Art Class as an introduction to a Children’s Book Project. After watching the film a dozen times, I still feel excited about sharing this Bedtime Stories Movie Review.

This Adam Sandler movie is loaded with action packed scenes that will keep kids engaged without getting bored. It is also G-Rated for the little ones to enjoy as well. I like that the plot has a fantasy theme about Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) who wants to regain his father’s hotel business. When Skeeter’s school principal sister (Courtney Cox) is fired, he has to look after his niece and nephew and become a surrogate parent temporarily. I have to admit, families will love watching how the main character adds his own bizarre twist to some original bedtime stories. I would also suggest to have a family night with lots of buttered popcorn and gumballs.

Keri Russell plays the school teacher that finds Skeeter to be annoying and childish. The two make a connection towards the end to save the demolition of Courtney Cox’s school. So kids learn to support their community for a good cause; Life Long Learning versus Big Business.

Throughout the movie there’s a reoccurring theme of living happily-ever-after, until Skeeter’s niece and nephew realize life does not always have a happy ending. Skeeter’s niece and nephew also learn that life has it’s ups and downs, which is true in the real world. I think this is a teaching moment for younger kids to understand the difference between reality and fantasy.

This film has plenty of weird storytelling magic that should not be missed. Some of the highlights are Bugsy – the pop-eyed guinea pig exercising on a treadmill, the classic raining gumballs scene, the Red Ferrari Fantasy and the quality time you can spend with your family. My suggestion is to get Bedtime Stories for your home video collection. It’s fantastic!