A Review of the Movie Up – With Spoilers!


If you have read any other of my reviews, I only review things I like and that we can learn from. My review is not about the acting or the content, its about making our lives better. Here is the movie review part:

Up is a new movie, its from Disney, its good. Go see it.Its about a man who flies away in his house with a kid using balloons and goes on an adventure. There are essentially five characters in the movie.

The explorer.
The old man.
The young man.
The dog who wants to be a pet.
The Alpha dog.

All of the characters spend the movie focused on meeting their goals and the effects of what it means to meet their goals.

Here are some really big spoilers.

If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want it ruined.

Stop reading now.

You have been warned.

The explorer spends his entire life trying to prove that the big beautiful bird exists. The goal was not for the betterment of mankind, it was a selfish, self centered goal. He was obviously brilliant and capable which can be seen in the creation of the dog collars. But, the tragedy of the movie was that he focused so hard on his selfish goal, he lived his entire life with dogs, rather than people.

The old man had a great life with the one person he loved more than anything. But he felt that he did not meet his promises to her. He felt he failed his love. So finally, he sets the promise as his goal before he dies. In trying to meet his promise, he gets sidetracked along the way several times. But, you will notice he always goes back to meeting his goal. In the challenges, along the way, he sets new goals. In the process of meeting his goal, he creates a future that he could never have imagined. Before meeting his goal (putting the house near the waterfall) he was a lonely old man living with his memories. After meeting his goal, he becomes a father figure to a young boy.

The young man had several goals and a milestone that looked like a goal. The milestone that looked like a goal was the finishing of his badges. He talked about finishing the badges as his goal – but it was obvious that the finishing the badges was a milestone to the goal of spending time with his father. What is the best part of this? To get the badge, he needed to help others. Its a perfect example of “Service with a purpose.”. the boy gets what he wants by helping others get what they want. A concept that is shared by Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, and myself, to name just a few. In trying to meet his goals, he also developed new goals, such as trying to help the bird.

The dog who wants to be a pet had the goal of wanting to be loved. He desperately wanted to be loved. Dog owners will really recognize the dog type. He achieved his goal. He got a master and was able to serve the master.  By focusing in on a goal that is based on service to others, he achieved his goal. Sound familiar?

The Alpha dog had a goal. He wanted to get and find the bird. There was nothing going to stop him from achieving that goal. That goal was not a helpful one, since it was the Explorer’s selfish goal. What happens? He loses his alpha status.

This is a Disney movie, so good must triumph over evil. And you probably think this doesn’t happen in the real world. Let me give you some examples of where it has. There are thousands more.

The biggest single obvious example is Hitler loses to Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Stalin’s evil system was destroyed and lost. Many millions of good American, British, Canadian, Russian soldiers and civilians died fighting Hitler. A fight which many countries, including Canada, could have found a way to stay out of.

In the American Civil war, slavery loses to freedom. And 150 years or so later, its been totally vanquished. A man who would have been at the very bottom of the social fabric is now at the highest point on the social ladder of the United States. You can agree or disagree with his politics, but we all must recognize that Obama’s presidency demonstrates clearly that good always wins over evil. Please, please do not misunderstand me – republicans are not  evil, slavery was. The Americans have moved to a new level of goodness, a level foretold by George Washington.

Lest you think that this does not have to do with business and job hunting, here is another example.