The Greatest Shows To Watch On Showtime


This article will discuss some of the shows on one of the best premium television channels around. I am talking about Showtime, which is quickly becoming one of my go to channels for great shows. They have always had better movie options than HBO in my opinion, but have recently made serious advancements in quality programming.

Let’s take a look at some of the best shows that Showtime has to offer these days.

Dexter is without a doubt, my favorite show on Showtime. I give Dexter a lot of credit, because I think this is the show that pulled people in to this network and won its audience’s trust. As far as TV shows go, it does not get better than Dexter.

Weeds is another show that has had a long, successful run on Showtime. Mary Louise Parker stars as a single mother of a dysfunctional family, in which they get into all sorts of trouble, all across the West Coast.

One show that has only been on a few seasons, but has already won the acclaim of critics and audiences alike is Californication. This show stars David Duchovny as one of the most likable characters on TV. I like to think of this show as Showtime’s response to Entourage.

Another series that I feel is worthy of praise is Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco of The Sopranos fame stars as the title character, who is a controversial, drug abusing nurse who plays by her own rules. The writing of the show is better than the plotline suggests.

Last but not least is The United States of Tara. This series chronicles stories of several characters, all of whom are portrayed by the incredibly talented actress, Toni Collette.

It is clear after going through the arsenal of Showtime programming that there are more than a few great shows to watch on this quality network.