THE FLASH TV Series: Review


Recently, I was able to watch episodes 1-6 of The Flash on its first season. I have to say that I am impressed (although that is not really a big deal as I’m easily entertained).

The story telling style of the flash seems like a good written novel. It started with a tragic event during his childhood which had been his reason to look for “the impossible”. You probably know the rest, if you have not watched it yet, I suggest you do.

While I do enjoy watching this show, there are some questions that leave me thinking. I must admit that I haven’t really followed the Flash’s comics, and I don’t know much about how his powers work and rougue galeries aside from what are shown in animated movies of Justice League and some JL comics, so I’ll post my observations and questions just in case anyone would be kind enough to explain some things to me.

If anyone would suggest reading the comics, I would probably welcome some suggestions on specific comic arcs, but I will not be able to catch up on a comic series as I also have work.

Okay. So we start on my observation the GOOD thing about The Flash:

1. I’m not sure about the budget of this TV series but I think the effects are AWESOME for a TV series. The way electricity/lightning moves around the Flash when he runs is a very good representation of what he would be like in real life.

2. As I’ve stated earlier, the story is quite good. Every episode so far is very engaging. I’m not sure about how it was in the comic, but Flash having a support group (Cisco and Caitlin) works for him, at least in this storyline.

<br< a=””>3. The villains are also getting interesting. We got Captain Cold (someone I thought I couldn’t take seriously), Reverse-Flash, Wells(?), and others from the comics.

Now, there are some things which I think are questionable, which are:

a) How can he carry someone in that speed, without protective gears, and not injure them?

b) They keep on telling him how fast he should go, but is he really able to properly estimate how fast he is going? (I think the explanation is more for the viewers though than the Flash)

c) There are times that he runs fast but his shoes don’t burn up (just a gripe).

I may have more questions in the future, but these are all for now. In any case, I really enjoyed the show and hope that they be able to explain at least the first question because I think that is really important.