Direct TV HBO Channels: HBO Boxing Show’s Fights Worth Fighting For


Most people know the basic concept of one of today’s most violent sports, boxing, but contrary to popular belief, boxing is one of the oldest competitive sports still enjoyed today. Boxing has been around for so long, it has even been depicted on the walls of tombs in Egypt, dating from around 2000 to 1500 B.C. Boxing was also practiced by the empires of Ancient Rome and Greece. While the Greek fought with leather straps wrapped around their fists, the Romans used gloves wound with metal strips which promised a much more “interesting” show. Today’s boxing is of coarse much more civilized but it still carries on the tradition of heart pounding adrenaline that its ancient counterpart began.

One of the most popular and comprehensive ways to watch boxing at its best, is HBO Boxing. HBO Boxing has brought to us some of the greatest fights of modern history. Even though the roots of boxing sink thousands of years deep, there are still legends made in this spectacular sport all of the time. HBO Boxing’s first official event pitted George Foreman against the great Joe Frazier for only two rounds naming George Foreman the World Heavyweight Champion.

Since HBO Boxing’s first fight, there has been many great bouts such as “The rumble in the Jungle” where the legendary Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman, and the more recent “Bite Fight” which featured Iron Mike Tyson devouring the ear of Evander Holyfield, which in turn, will forever remind us that this great sport is still packed full of as many surprises as adrenaline.