Modern Family season 7 premiere synopsis teases Hayley and Andy drama; what will happen in episode 1?


ABC Family’s highly acclaimed show Modern Family will return with its 7th season on 23 September at 9pm EST, which will pick up from the season 6 finale drama involving Hayley, Andy and Beth. Episode 1 is titled Summer Lovin’, and the official synopsis teases a great deal of confusion ahead for the Dunphy family.

The 6th season ended with Phil trying to stop Andy from proposing to his girlfriend Beth, when he realises that Hayley and Andy love each other. A new trailer also shows Phil telling everyone, “Hayley and Andy love each other and they don’t even know it.” When his wife Claire asks if he is sure, he replies in his own quirky way, “I think I know the look of love in another man’s eye.”

Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara),face trouble with their little boy Joe, when he develops new killer tendencies. The trailer for season 7 shows Jay and Gloria taking Joe to pre-school where he gets excited at seeing a chicken and goes after it. We next hear Gloria going, “No….,” and the chicken’s panic-stricken clucking. Soon we hear her telling the shocked care-taker, “We will be very happy to pay for the chicken.”

Also, all is not well in another household where Mitch is out of work again, and Cameron is trying to be supportive, but is losing his patience. Cam makes another one of his schemes to get Mitch his job back, and if previous instances are proof, something will go terribly wrong with his plan.