Science Fiction Movies – Enjoy The Fantasia


Science fiction movies are all-time favorites of people as they are filled with great adventures and unusual imagination. These movies are basically scientific and are filled with picturesque details and vivid imagery. Most of the scientific fiction films are built on imaginary settings with imaginary characters like robots, spaceships aliens etc. All science fiction movies contain some core elements. Apart from that, they also comprise of drama, mystery, horror, and comedy. These films are the results of technical expertise and superb imaginary power of the scriptwriters and producers. Most Sci-fi films depict the stories of unknown planets, technologies and unusual quests of human beings. Often sci-fi movies display fantastic journeys and impossible missions.

Man’s imagination knows no bounds. These sci-fi movies portray those unknown mysteries about which mankind is quite unaware. For example, Frankenstein which was released in 1931 was a movie based on human cloning which is still to turn to reality. The Island of Lost Souls (1933) and David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) are some of the all-time favorites which deal with some of the vital things about human nature. Other extraordinary Sci-fi movies include Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)). Scientific fiction movies are favourites of most of the viewers. The imagination involved in creating movies like Capricorn One is praiseworthy, which brilliantly visualises space-related warfare. You will find a plethora of scientific fiction movies online which can be easily downloaded to your computer. The noteworthy aspect of science fiction movies is that they deal with almost every aspect of the scientific world. The Alien which is an evergreen movie gives a visual description of the outer world of which human beings are still not sure.

Demon Seed released in 1977 beautifully screens the stories of the threat of supercomputers becoming saturated, The Omega Mann is about biological warfare and 28 Days Later is about plagues. Another aspect of the astronomy, the black-hole exploration is magnificently shown in the Event Horizon. There are a lot more scientific-fiction movies that can lead you to an imaginary world-full of fantastic experiences. Some reputed Scientific-fiction movies which you can find online are Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Metropolis, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Day the Earth Stood Still.