Making Them Watch the Right Movies for Kids


It is very important that you prevent your kids from watching shows that are violent and gruesome. The things that they see on TV will affect their outlook in life and their behavior at the same time. That is why it is very essential that you know how to choose the right shows and movies for kids so that they could apply the values as they grow. Here are some tips on how you could pick the right shows for your child.

1. Do not show them that you watch films that are not suitable for their age. They would easily follow your rules if you show them that you can be a good example as well.

2. Set your rules and your guidelines regarding the movies that they can see. Do the discussion when everyone in the family is present.

3. Be specific. Tell them that you do not want a movie full of swearing, movie that focuses on sexuality, violence, immorality, and others. You would be getting more specific results if you would give direct rules to your kids.

4. Before buying a kids movies CD, look at the reviews about it first. There are some cartoons that may not be appropriate for some children so you have to be careful.

5. Do not forget to ask your kids about what’s on TV or in cable schedule for the day. You would be updated with the latest shows that they may or may not watch while you are away.

6. Stay updated as well. Learn about the popular movies for kids so you will understand what makes them like the show. If you realize why it is cool to them, it would be easier for you to get in touch and communicate with your children and even with their friends.