‘Suits’ season 4 finale recap: Because he’s ashamed


Suits season 4 finale, “Not Just a Pretty Face,” centered around one man playing puppet-master and for once, Harvey was not in the drivers seat.

“Not Just a Pretty Face” was the kind of Suits episode that uses a flashback story to aid the story being told in current day. These final six episodes have show more backstory through flashbacks than other seasons in the past. It will be interesting to see if that’s a trend that continues in Suits season 5.

Twelve years ago, Harvey Specter’s life changed forever when he met Charles Forstman. And Donna Paulsen. Harvey’s still at the DA, making $50,000 a year. Today he probably drops that much on fine suits and liquor. After Forstman makes him an offer he can’t refuse (because his brother needs the money and Jessica isn’t willing to bend), he accepts. But the money is dirty and it’s a move Harvey’s always regretted.

In the flashback, Harvey tells Forstman he didn’t become a lawyer for the money. He did it “to bend people to my will.” That is, until his family got involved. One quality that was always present in Harvey though? Loyalty.

Harvey isn’t easily rattled. He hasn’t been phased by other baddies who have come and gone in seasons past. But put a dozen years of history and a threat out on his brother in the mix, and he is not screwing around with Charles Forstman.

While Harvey’s out trying to nab Forstman, Louis and Donna deal with the emotional trauma of losing Litt’s secretary, Norma. That’s right – Norma’s dead! Which means, well, one of these theories did come true, just not in the way we suspected. We were imagining Louis leaving to start his own firm, not his silent secretary.

Throughout the Suits season 4 finale, Rachel is determined to win the respect of Harvey. She’s right in pointing out that Harvey and Mike have a secret language. They understand each other on another level, like Rachel understands Mike and Donna understands Harvey. But that gets in the way of others helping them on cases. Mike eventually confides in Rachel about Harvey’s history with Forstman, which helps her basically solve the entire case herself.

But of course we can’t forget what happened last week. Donna tries to make Harvey confront his feelings for her, just as she tries to push Louis away from admitting his. Tonight though, Louis has been more open and honest than he’s been in all previous three seasons and fifteen episodes. It’s a little disconcerting.

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