Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 news, updates: Production reportedly on hold due to schedule conflicts


Marvel Studios is seen to be having a great partnership with media streaming company Netflix over the past few years, with successful Netflix exclusives like “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones.” While it will no longer be a surprise if any of these Netflix hits will be greenlit for a new season, the empowered female character might wait a little longer before she can appear once again in “Jessica Jones” Season 2.

“Daredevil” premiered with 113 episodes all made available for viewers’ binge-watching habits, and since then “Daredevil” has amassed a huge fanbase and viewership all over the world. This prompted Netflix to grant the series fresh 13 episodes for another action-packed second season, which premiered last month. This is the same case with “Jessica Jones,” as Variety reported that the Krysten Ritter-starrer was renewed for Season 2 with new 13 episodes in the plans.

Ritter plays the titular role of Jessica Jones, who works as a private detective and uses her enhanced skills and abilities to solve cases and take down sinister individuals. Her fans may be wondering when they will see Jessica Jones in action once more with her new missions, although Digital Spy reported that it might take a while before that happens. At the TCA Press Tour, “Jessica Jones” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg dropped a few faint hints about the next chapter of the hit Netflix series. Those hints reveal that the writing and production for Season 2 have not yet commenced and it is still unclear how “Jessica Jones” will be working with Marvel’s upcoming shows such as “The Defenders,” “Luke Cage” and “Iron First.”

Cinema Blend also reported that the future of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 remains bleak at the moment, especially with “The Defenders” being planned as huge series similar to “The Avengers,” and made exclusively for Netflix. The report cited that “Luke Cage” and “Iron First” will come first before “The Defenders,” which means Netflix will have very busy months ahead. To cater the growing list of Marvel characters getting a show, “Jessica Jones” may be put in the waiting list before Season 2 begins production.

In other news, “Jessica Jones” Season 1 executive producer, Liz Friedman left the show to focus on the ABC TV series “Conviction” which is also at her helm.Deadline reported that “The Returned” showrunner Raelle Tucker will fill in Friedman’s vacant post for Season 2.

“I’m thrilled to have someone as talented as Raelle join our team as writer and executive producer as we delve into Jessica’s continued story,” Rosenberg said about Tucker joining her team.